To the Literate and the World Eaters – Find Me

So I have been told that I should start writing a book and see where it gets me. In truth, I have tried my hand at comics and short stories but they never really end up to my liking and I end up scrapping the idea. Most recently, I have tried my hand at this again and ended up with a concept that I really like. I am still unsure of the writing of it and how I should go about it so please let me know what you think of it in the comments and if you want to find out more of the story. At present, the story is called Turpitude (the word of the day on my time of writing this) which means depraved or wicked behaviour or character. If this ever does make it into a book the below is the opening page, the forward, the precursor to the main story. Read on good people of the world and enjoy.

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