Forged in Flames

I saw this post and I thought that I absolutely had to post this here. This is the first short story that I ever wrote and what inspired me to persevere with writing creatively. I hope you enjoy, and maybe I’ll add bits here and there like I am doing with the Metanoia story.

Daily Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Burn 

“Great men are forged in fire.
It is the privilege of lesser men
to light the flame.
Whatever the cost.”
– The War Doctor.

Coughing and spluttering, the last sounds Tess heard were the blaring sirens and the screech of tyres outside her door. Her head spinning from the smoke. Her hand on her belly, she could feel her unborn child calling out to her, telling her that the time is now, it was ready to be born. But the thought was too much for her to bear and
she collapsed, in a heap before the door as it splintered open, unleashing a wave of determined firefighters that swarm over her limp body.

Later, at the hospital. Continue reading “Forged in Flames”