Ash and Blood

Dream Journal 17-02-16

I stood upon the crest of a small hill. The world was smothered in shades of red and grey, the putrid smell of death mixed with the refreshing smell of light rain.

I was not native to the domain of war, yet through the manipulation of my nation, I was forced into battle. They had forced me to shed the blood of my fellow man and litter the land with corpses that were doomed to sink back into the earth without any form of a burial. There was no glory in this field of ash and blood. We soldiers were forced to fight each other for our nation’s political benefit. Just because we resided on their land, the politicians demanded that we fight to ‘free’ the people of the other nations while the politicians sat back and watched the ensuing battles from the safety of their luxurious underground bunkers.

Man, woman and child all fought side by side. Humanity had grown too dependent on technology and implanted microchips into the brain that gave us instant access to any information and allowed us to engage in a virtual environment with others who had the chip. The political ‘leaders’ the ‘ran’ my country had found a way to use these microchips to override the motion faculty of the brain. They could control what we did, but not what we thought. We were no longer free agents but minds tethered to a body that we could no longer call our own. We fought because they made us fight. We tried to communicate with the other nations but bore no fruit.

I stood upon the remains of 200 000 dead soldiers, wondering if this stained my honour. Did the fact that someone else had control of my body mean that I was completely not to blame? I felt the weight of all those that ‘I’ had killed. I felt the pain of 37 892 dying humans and every inch of my body was crying out for it to end. One swift slash at a vital point on my body and the politicians would lose their last pawn. All I had to do was embrace a quick death and I would be released from this field of ash and blood.


Asfaem – Beyond Human

Asfaem is my envisioning of a post-apocalyptic world in which most of humanity has overcome their flaws and we live in an idealised world. The set up of this world came to me through my dream on the 12th of Feb.


Main Text Reads: The Earth has been destroyed, we killed it. But by that time we had already made it out of our solar system. Problem was that our terraforming plans failed and the humans that left our solar system evolved into something beyond us. We replicated Earth’s conditions as best we could. We compressed our sun into a tiny blue dwarf  and are constantly fueling it through ion beams.

The rest of the universe is dying. The ‘Big Rip’. We sent out a complex network of our most destructive weapons into space where we exploded, and pulled into place, nearby stars and turned them into black holes.

This combination of compressed dwarf star and miniaturized [artificially created] black holes, keeps our area of the universe in perfect stability. The star pulls everything in while the black holes pull everything out. [The incredible speed at which the black holes are rotating around our planet and them being equidistant from all their neighboring black holes keep the cloak of the void equilibrium. ]

Note: The black holes are creating a massive dent in spacetime so that the decay of the external universe does not affect the inside pocket realm. Each black hole also wants to fly out at an angle perpendicular to the earth but is pulled in by the other black holes.

Side Text Reads: We live on the inside of this man-made pocket realm. Although the outside universe is decaying, we have altered the effect of time on our region.

If even one second [of the time experienced by the rest of the universe] were to pass in real time. Our sun would explode on us. That is why we refuel our sun, to keep it always at that one-second mark. [Because the rate at which we can refuel it is the exact same rate at which it is dying.]