Double Feature

Dream Journal 31-07-16

Twas a late night real-life (science) fiction double feature last night with two short but sweet dreams that graced me.

In the first, I was sitting in the big brown chair in the lounge when my sister came up to me and offered me a twenty rand oil painting of Isis (the Egyptian Goddess).

In the second, I was playing Magic: The Gathering with my youngest brother and he thumped me yet again.


A Dream Come True

Dream Journal 30-07-16

A really odd one last night, folks. I dreamt that I was smearing butter on my toast for breakfast. Then I woke up and did just that. The end.

Magic The Gathering

Dream Journal 24-07-16

In my dreams last night, I was playing Magic the Gathering with the newly released Eldritch Moon cards.

Edit: In the original post of this dream, which I posted from my tablet. I was struck by the plague of autocorrect and misreading and posted ‘Magic the Bathing’. Just to be clear, my dream was of Ermakurl, the promised end and not of anything like bathing with Magic Cards. xD

Island Dance

Dream Journal 03-07-16 and Daily response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Island

I initially thought that I was dreamless again last night, but I now realise that this wasn’t the case. I have but a single image of my dream last night. I was teaching Sirrah (a really good friend of mine) how to dance. We were trying to tango and I was deliberately stepping on her toes.

The dream took back on this beautiful island style studio, we had not the money to go overseas but what we could do was equip the attic room in our house with the scenery and images of the country we wanted to visit. Currently, it was themed to the Galapagos Archipelago. We had painted the floor t be the ocean and using the piles of stuff that we had hoarded over the years, we shaped the islands and danced in between them like the tides danced against the shore.

We were about to step to the El Tango de Roxanne. One of my favourite songs from Moulin Rouge. She was in her apron (I don’t know why she was, I did most of the cooking). She was in the middle of a swirl and the perspective I have in the dream is of me looking forward from about four metres behind her. The sun was setting off in the horizon and I was looking exhausted. We had danced for quite some time now and I was almost ready to keel over. As the last light of day shone through that great big glass wall overlooking the street, it bounced off of a shiny object tucked into her back pocket. Reflected in the sunlight was the cold hard steel of one of my blades.


Study Guilt

Dream Journal 22-06-16

My desk was clear from all apart from the three pages in front of me. They were all I could see in my dream last night. The page on the far left told the story of Cicero and his growing up in Italia. Actually, I think they all told of that story. The page to my right was in Latin, and the page directly in front of me was a mixture of the kana.

This dream actually made me feel  guilty for having neglected my language learning so far. I am definitely going to get back to it from today.


Chantry Rose

Dream Journal 19-06-16

Blood-red were the leaves of that holy flower. The petals slowly swayed side to side to the hymn that the brothers and sisters of the Chantry were singing. White and accentuated with gold were their robes emblazoned with the blood-red rose. White and forest brown were the covers on the chairs that stood empty on the cold marble floor.

I awoke to their song feeling as if someone had just rinsed my soul with a damp sponge, taking every care to remove the stains in my heart. I should have realised sooner that it was all an illusion.