Super Ultra Mega Poke

Dream  Journal 01-08-16

No dream on this night. Was not a good night.

Dream  Journal 02-08-16

All that happened in this dream, was me running towards Sirrah screaming “SUPER ULTRA MEGA POKE”. . . Should I be worried? xD


Dream Backlog

Yes yes., I know. I have been very bad these past few days with updating my dream journal and the site in general but I am back. At least for now that is. I go on holiday soon and won’t be able to update anything here unless I can get WordPress working on my phone.

Dream Journal 08-07-16

No dream in memory here.

Dream Journal 09-07-16

After getting Pokemon Go to work and spending most of the day playing it, I dreamt that I was out catching the Legendary Pokemon HoHo and Lugia. Using a simple Pokeball I managed to catch myself the grand Lugia and we explored the ocean depths together.

Dream Journal 10-07-16

I asked a friend of mine for comfort last night and they yielded just that. Amazingly, that exact scene playing out in reality, is what I dreamt of that night.


Dream Journal 04-07-16

Their soft tiny hands grasped at me in the darkness. Their massive wide eyes flickered in the faint starlight and I could only barely make out the shape of twenty hunched humanoids as they tore at my clothes. I had chased the trail of the Time Traveller in hopes of finding him. But it seems as if I was to meet the same fate that Weena succumbed to and that he narrowly escaped. I could feel their small teeth biting at my skin, I had run out of matches and my torch batteries had died. This was the end for me. I was nothing more than a meal to these humanlike creatures.

A Repaired Vial – Blood in the Repair Shop

Update to Dream Journal 29-06-16

last night I thought I had no dream left in my memory, yet, when I wish to get on with the next item on my agenda I am hit with a pretty vivid scene from the dream that I know I had.

I went into the middle of Diagon Alley where a new store had just opened up. I’d been waiting for it for yonks and finally,it was here. “MtG: The Repairs” was one of my favourite store. You could take all of your old Magic: The Gathering (MtG) cards to them and they would rebuf them and restore them to mint condition. How they did so, I have no idea. I had three cards I wanted to repair after my most recent purchase, so off I hurried down the winding streets to what would inevitably be my favourite new store.

I burst open the door knowing that everyone inside would be far more geeky and introverted than I was. It was a joy to enter a place where I could feel at home even if I would be kicked out of there for loitering at some point. The store was a real beauty. Every single card to ever have been released was featured on the walls, perfectly sleeved and in mint condition too. They were all arranged in order of release starting by the door, travelling in collumns from left to right. This store owner knew what his customers wanted. Just looking at the systemised symmerty the surrounded me I felt satisfied. Everything was in its place, everything had been meticulously arranged and it was utterly beautiful.

I strode over to that store clerk feeling like the world was in my grasp, handed him those three cards I wanted buffed and shot him a smile. “Creep.” he shot back. “Sorry, but we don’t rebuff these cards. They aren’t worth it. Look at the set, I don’t like the new releases and so they aren’t worth it.” Flabbergasted I stumbled backwards. I had no words. This place was meant to be perfect, how could it have a guy like him in charge of it?!

Disgruntled and annoyed I decided to peruse the comics and games they had on sale. They were stacked in the middle of the room and, like the cards, meticulously placed so as to inspire peace in the mind of the obsessive and compulsive. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a familiar figure. She had her nose in a ‘New Who’ choose-your-own-adventure type book. I was not expcting to see her in a geek store like this. My mood had returned to joyous as I cried out: “Sirrah!” Arms out wide I expected to be greeted in an equally pleasant manner. Instead, she glared up at me like I was a devil she had sworn to kill. Whipping out a black card with a tornado on the front, she dropped the book and in one swift motion, span round at a thirty degree angle. Her turquiose dress flowing in the wind.

She was fast. Faster than I had anticipated. I let my guard down around her and she had just sliced open my abdomen with a piece of stiffened paper. Watching as my intestines lumped out of me into a pool of blood and guts I fell to my knees. I felt no pain. I felt no remorse or anger towards Sirrah. I felt at peace.


Double Whammy

Dream Journal 31-05-16

There was a smidgen of a dream here but as soon as I realised my exam was in two hours time and I was still in bed, all memory of it was lost.

Dream Journal 01-06-16

The new month has arrived, and in my first night dreaming I died, twice.

In the first dream, Sera was waiting for me. She said that there was something she needed to tell me. My parents were having a spot of tea in the garden so I slipped out to see what she wanted. Her cottage was dark so I knocked on the door. I heard a crash. Something just broke, should I go in and investigate? I checked the door, unlocked. As I turned the corner I heard a soft ‘hello’ and was greeted with the sweet kiss of a cold steel blade slicing through my neck.

In dream two, the setting was much the same, only the participants were different. my friend, Diana, and I had set up a mini open-air theatre and we were enjoying a good cup of tea from the more exotic varieties. At the end Of Dead Poet’s Society she turns to me and asks if I wished for more of life’s brew. Always in the mood for tea, I eagerly accepted. A few minutes later, she returns with a cup tea so hot it could melt your face off. And that is exactlyl what it did when she threw the entre contents of the up onto me.

This could very well be the reason I have issues trusting certain people..


Dream Journal 12-05-16

The rays of golden sunlight pierced the cold tranquillity of that night. The bulky cream curtains blew open from the slight morning breeze. Her breathing was slow and heavy, but she was still breathing. And right now, that was all I needed.

The world outside her hospital was beginning to rise, the faint hum of the waves, the chirp of birds and, far off in the distance, two dogs barked at each other, eager to fetch the morning paper. The person whom I had been watching over all night was someone that I had dreamt of many times before, but this was my first sad dream with them. She lay motionless in the bed before me, my cheeks were stained with salt from my tears throughout the night. I was still clutching onto her hand, refusing to accept that she may not be able to experience all the joys of the world like she desired to do. Still, even though she was the one who dreamt in silence on her would-be deathbed, she still managed to comfort me and give me the strength I need.

I cursed the outside world for feeling so bright about the day when my world was fading away right in front of me. Burying my face into those silky gold-tinted curls, I wept until I could weep no more. I wept right up until my heart gave out, not so long after hers.