Not a Great Night

Dream Journal Update for 04-11-16

So last night I had a dream. One of the first that I have been able to remember in a while. Well, I say that, but that is a lie. The night before I had a dream of a person who is trying to hate me, I was in hysterics laughing at his attempts. But last night’s dream was scary. It was not a good night at all.

I came into writing this post with the dream still flowing in my mind. Now, when I try writing down what I have to say, I cannot find the words to even give you a basic sketch of what went on. In sum, I was out on the open road, when the Phyrexian invasion happened. I have no words to describe them but I do have images for you, so I hope that that shall suffice.


I had a Bird Pee on my Nipple Earlier…

The experience of walking indoors from taking a view of the Diwali fireworks only to have your shirt smeared with bird is not a nice one. If at all possible. Avoid it.

What I want to do here is just jot down a few of my ideas in case I get swept up and lose track of everything again.

The following points shall most likely make no sense at all and are likely to confuzzle you. Read at your own risk…

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That wasn’t a Dream. . . Was it?

Dream Journal 04-1-16

The past few days I woke up with memories that I couldn’t place. Visiting the GP only to find him and his staff in the parking lot, then having an appointment booked for that very hour, then they drove off. From reading a book with a close friend to engaging in a boxing match with my brothers and aforementioned friend I have had many dreams lately that seemed far too real to be mere dreams. Thinking about it, I may have been wrong when I said that I don’t dream that often anymore. It could very well be the case that my dreams have transitioned to hyperrealism once more.

Booster Opening

Dream Journal 01-10-16

So despite my thoughts of my lack of dreams, I actually did have one last night. I dreamt that I was up at my local gaming store and won four boosters of my choice. We must have been playing Friday Night Magic as the place was packed with geeks of all manners of form and function. I can remember being absolutely consumed by the excitement of getting these packs. I chose three from sets I needed, and one from the latest expansion – Kaladesh. I pulled three of my favourite cards from those packs. One Drana, Liberator of Malakir; one Gisela, the Broken Blade, and one copy of Relentless Dead.

I spent the last few waking hours of my day mulling how to work my MtG deck. I had the theme and I had the cards I needed. I just needed another one copy of them if I wanted to be able to rely on their powers. I’m glad I dreamt of them though because at about 200 rand card there’s no way I can afford that xD



Dreams seem to be more of a freak occurrence than a regular happening as of late. My plans for keeping this site as a dominantly dream journal orientated seem to be failing. As a result, I shall be toning down the frequency of my dream journal updates and work towards getting back into writing those short stories that I enjoy weaving so much.

I hope you’ll like it and leave a comment of your thoughts. Now go on and commit yourselves mortals!

That Dream Though

Dream Journal Update 26-09-16

Last night I woke up without really having any kind of a dream. I inadvertently fell asleep shortly after dropping my brothers off at their respective schools. I can remember being severely creeped out by my dream and I blocked out the memory from my mind. Later on in the day, when I was going to a school performance my youngest brother was featuring in while getting out the car to g towards the hall I was graced with the dream once more. It flashed before my eyes and played like a nightmare that I couldn’t get away from. I was whipped into another world. One that I didn’t want anything to do with. One in which I was absolutely powerless to control what my other selves were doing.

Dream Journal Update 20-09-16

Dream Journal Update 20-09-16

No dreams from me my side. I fell asleep while reading my Manhwa and woke to my alarm clock beating me into reality. My main intention of writing this is to get myself back into the habit of two posts a day. I find that my productivity here increases my productivity elsewhere up to a certain point. After that, I can devote too much of my attention here and not get anything done at all.