Pale White Eyes

A Rambling that is somewhat of an attempt to justify my skill of procrastinating everything by writing which I relate to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt (Eerie) because it scares me but really, it’s Gorham Hilarious


It is a not so well known and not so secret secret that I have a collection of stuffed toys which I adore and display proudly in my room. I never used to be academically inclined and so my mother found a way to motivate me. Every time I got an impressive mark, I’d be able to get some kind of a toy or game or thing that I wanted. I wasn’t academic, but I quickly saw my opportunity. I amassed a collection of stuff in a short while and over the next two years, my marks shot up. Now, what used to be impressive just wasn’t. I was able to get good grades without killing myself and the rewards I got from it amounted to less, and less. Eventually nothing. Earlier this year, two important things happened to me. I made a new best friend. And I got a stuffed toy.

The owl that you see in the picture above is what I sleep with each and every night. Her name is Vladina and she is neither mine nor is she a plush toy meant for cuddling. Vladina is a doorstop that I bought for a friend on her birthday. Invoking that age old ‘reward system’ she created and never terminated, I had convinced my mother to get me one (he’s called Vlad) for my marks that semester. Vlad was with me for a short while and now is in a better place. He is with Vladina’s owner.

I’ll explain two more things so just bear with me for a little longer.

I’ll take it to the weird part first.
The ‘Vladinsky’ was originally a doorstop. That’s what is on their price tag and that is the section that they were kept in, in the shop.

Now the part that actually validifies it’s linkage to the Daily Prompt:
You know how I said I sleep with Vladina? Normally, I end up curled ’round her in foetal position. About three times a week, with no sense of consistency, I’ll wake up to see those huge eyes staring at me in the face and it is SO SCARY!!!!!

PS: Thank you to Jensiper for asking about Vladina!


The Last of My Energy

A Daily Moan that some guy tries to relate to the Daily Posts Daily Prompt even though he Hasn’t Looked at it yet and has the title of His post in Awkward Caps

Okay cool, so the prompt for today is Giant. Well then, allow me to moan.

Today was tiring. Yesterday was far worse but I have not been able to dig myself out of this workload. I spent Friday playing Mtg. Saturday trying not to die. And today, Sunday, I both tried not to die in the morning and played magic in the evening.

My sleep (if I even got any) was awful. On Saturday, I woke up with nothing but a towel on. I shivered out of the bed and stumbled across the sweltering furnace that was my room into the pathetic dribble of water that is meant to be a shower. Sunday, I honestly don’t know if I slept. I think I did since time did pass relatively fast at times but I just lay there, in my bed, cuddling my friend’s doorstop all night long waiting for my brain to switch off and go to sleep. (Her name is Vladina and she is gorgeous. The doorstop, not the friend. Friend is gawjus though ’cause I don’t want to be beaten.)

I had more to say here but I have run out of mental processing power. I wanted to watch anime after this though. But I don’t have any more good anime or fast enough internet *_*

So how does ths post relate to the prompt of giant? Well, it doesn’t and I’m not going to make it try to. Sorry not sorry.

The Value of Sleep (When you Need it V When you want it)

An Almost Daily Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Value

“The rain pelts down against the creaky wooden roof of your cabin. The storm comes as a relief to your ears after the throbbing pain of the booming silence came to an end.”

I don’t know what it is about this time of night that so many people find so appealing. Why is it that while the rest of the world rests away these tireless hours some of us are stuck here fighting tooth and nail to earn ourselves ‘a good night’s sleep’. I sit here ater powering through the majority of my most urgent assignment and thinkng ‘I should sleep’ but also ‘I could finish this because well, you know, I have slept already.”

This post is little more than a shout out to all those who think that sleep is valuable but find it much too hard to get.

Oh the Irony…

A Day Late Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Unfinished

Its been a really long time since I actually finished everything that I set out to do going into the day. It’s a really good feeling. Like I have just had a small victory. Oh shucks.


I forgot something xD

Well isn’t that ironic, I wanted to link this post to this prompt for the irony of me actually having completed everything for that day on the prompt called ‘unfinished’ and yet I realise now that I have two more things that I must do before daybreak. Looks like I’ll be off then!

Getting Stuff Done

A Daily Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Hike

Getting things done is an absolute mission. I’ve tried hiking before and I think that it is one of the best analogies one can make here. When you have a mountain of things to do, it really is like a hike along their paper paths. Hiking is painful and tiring and urgh. You get all sweaty and blegh. I don’t like. Just like work! Yet, in both cases, when we actually find the strength or the motivation to get summit our mountain we are left with this incredible view from the top. In many cases, it’s that of another mountain that crept up on us while we were busy delaying over this one and that is a sad, sad truth.

I have started my hike up this mountain of work that I have been intentionally ignoring. I have started it and I have, in this day alone, surpassed many of the first levels, but for every level I go up, I can see how much taller this mountain has become in my absence. I now have a very limited time in order to complete a very large amount of work. I have many great reasons to stride on and prosper but two that would wish for me to stray from the path.

  1. I am lazy and don’t want to get this done at my own pace. This is the reason which we largely just ignore because it’s not that great. But it is fueled by the second reason and becomes a massive load of baking soda. It gets in your mouth when it shouldn’t be and it’s not pleasant at all.
  2. There is strong reason for me to believe that I will not be able to finish my university programme this year, at least not in the conventional sense, because there are plans by the strikers around t do just that. These violent protests make it unsafe to be on university grounds and even if the academic programme continues as per normal, it’s not exactly like things can go smoothly due to the tension caused by the police presence.

Knowing full well that there is valid reason for me to procrastinate is the main reason why I am in this situation. On the bright side, there should only be one thing that I don’t manage to finish I’ll be dreading that so much that I’ll delay it further by completing everything else!

A Prompt about Prompting

A Dainty Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Stump

“Where to go with this prompt?” I thought to myself as I checked my emails for only the 8th time that day. The obvious is to use the first word that comes to mind. Now, which came first, was it Stumpy or Stumpling? could it have been how, sometimes, when we try to simplify our lives we cut down our canopies to find what is at the core of our being, yet, we fail to realise that a clean slate involves not only a cleaning out of the surface but also of the beliefs we hold central to us. 

I sit here in my wet shower hair, a towel draped across myself to keep some form of decency while imagining how many writers go about their work without their pants on. It must be a wonderful feeling knowing that nobody is watching you. So much less responsibility. PJs all day every day.

As I do not know where I want to go with this post I shall say that I am  truly stumped and leave it there on that awful note and horrible joke.