The Site: This site is where I store my dreams. Ranging from the darkest carnal pleasures to the noblest pursuit of knowledge and everything in between. Or at least, that was the original intention. Now the site seems to have evolved into a place where I write and rant and WARBLEGARBLEGARBLE.

I enjoy writing. So I have different tabs set out for the main categories in which I write about. From high fantasy short stories to philosophical ramblings. I write what I like and I like what I write. And I hope you do too.

The Author: You tell me. Who is this man that comes with a disclaimer?

Have you ever had a dream so vivid that you woke up wondering whether what you just imagined was a dream or a memory? I do. All the time in fact and it’s bloody annoying. I started this site in response to a dream so terribly vivid that I couldn’t help but write it down. Combine extreme boredom, withdrawal from having finished my book, along with the fear of that dream and BAM you get Dreamers Paradise that is fueled out of a self-induced, Dream Disorder.



6 thoughts on “About

  1. I also sometimes wake up from dreams wondering if certain things in the dreams were real or not, sometimes I have memories (false memories) in dreams that are not real memories but they seem so real, but these are rare occurrences.

    Dreams of potential future scenarios are somewhat common for me as well, they seem more like training and/or preparing and/or testing different possible future scenarios to see how I handle them and/or to prepare myself to handle them, or like my mind needs to deal with something so it uses these possible scenarios as a safe place to try to deal with them.

    What did you mean by: “you can never see a face in dreams?”?

    Most people have faces in my dreams, in one of my recent dreams I was even face-to-face with a fictional woman in a dream, my focus was more on her eyes but I did touch her face and hair and I probably looked at them while doing so; and she did the same to me.

    Good luck blogging your dreams,
    -John Jr


    1. Hi John Jr, Thanks for taking the time to stop by, read and even comment! I really appreciate it and I’m glad to meet a fellow dreamer. 😀
      It was an old study that I read and not on a site I would call reliable. It just interested me to find that out that when I dream in a representation of the real world I cannot ever see the persons face. But I know what their facial expressions are and exactly who they are. When I dream in minecraft/anime/ or cartoon styles though I can see their faces, Maybe I should have elaborated upon that fact.
      I think in my case it could be something akin to the dreams of the blind, who have just as interesting dreams but just not pictorial.

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      1. Hello Nefilbata,

        You are welcome, and it is good to see other people blogging some of their dreams as well. 🙂

        Thank you for explaining that, that is unusual but interesting, I definitely do not have that problem in any of those styles of dreams; I wonder why that happens for you.

        Thank you for replying,
        -John Jr

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  2. You’ve called them annoying but the fact that you’ve started a blog in their honour I suspect means that you recognise what an inherent gift they are. I occasionally have extremely vivid dreams and I always feel these ones have something to tell me. They are few and far between though, and often I wake not remembering anything of my dreams. I’ve just started a dream journal, which I’m trying to write in each day, even if it is to say ‘I can’t remember my dream’ or to record only the faintest sliver of what remains after I wake. I’m interested to know whether your dreams changed in anyway when you started journalising about them – did they get more vivid or evolve in anyway for you?

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    1. The dreams I do consider to be some sort of a blessing yes. It’s not being able to tell if I actually just took a nap in the middle of class or if I really did go out with my friends earlier. That’s the annoying part. 😅. Have my dreams started to change as I journalists them? Yes, I find that I can influence what I dream about with greater ease and when my stress levels are acting normally I have great memory of my dreams. Have they evolved in any way? That depends on the definition of ‘evolved’ that we apply. If it is as ‘happened in greater detail’ then yes. But I think it is more so my ability to recall the detail that has changed. If we apply evolved as ‘more in depth and coherent’ then yes as well. To the first part again I think it is just my memory of the dream. But the coherentist aspect is possibly the greatest benefit from the journal. The amount of dreams that I have that are not nonsensical is decreasing while those ‘annoying’ ones are increasing. Well, that is provided I haven’t read any Lovecraftian Horror.😉

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      1. I see what you mean now – it must get a bit difficult if the lines between dreams and reality are so blurred… But very interesting and kind of cool! You’ve definitely motivated me to stick with the journaling then, I hope I can recall mine in greater detail. Good luck with your dream journaling and I hope you continue to enjoy your crazy, vivid and intense dreams! ☺️

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