My New Method

Each Day, I create or update the list of things I need to do on that day. If I know about things in advance, then I’ll make a note of it in advance. I know that it is unwise for me to trust my memory so I resort to Google Keep to keep my life organised.

So far this is manageable. Only a small number of days do I not end up completing the items on the list. This number has been increasing as of late and I am not too sure if it is due to my increased activity or my noting of items on the list that I am unsure of if I need to do or not. I think I need to stick to things that I need to do. Nothing else.

I think I want to be more active on this blog. It provides me with a great outlet that allows me to achieve soundness of mind and I get to feel as if I am helping others. I want to do more though. Not just because the more I help others the better I feel, I want to do something good with my life. As a person who suffers from Anxiety and Depression, I feel as if I ought to show what it is like for me to live with it. I have reserved a youtube account called Living With Your Demons

I am uncertain of whether I can commit to it or not. I know that it will be hard, I have yet to conclude what I expect to get out of this or even if it is a good idea. I include the link here for those of you who wish to see what I have. Currently, the page is blank. I’m making a note to add an audio explanation to the site tomorrow. Or perhaps I should just note to give the site some thought.

What would I speak of?
Methods of combatting mental illness

How often would I upload?
Once a month or once every two weeks. Depending on how long research takes

What format would I employ?
Basically audio voice over with animated slides

How many hours of work will it take?
I’d imagine 6 hrs research. 4 hours recording. 2 hrs script writing. 1 hr editing.
And that’s a conservative estimate

Will I be able to manage the workload and stress induced by it?
At Once a month, I think so

Should I enable comments?
This is a question that I think I can only answer once I have a better idea of what my content would be. I am thinking of having no comments but keeping a link to a subreddit where the topic can be discussed at length.

Who else do I link to/what channels should I follow?
Boyinaboand. Wedge. Boogie.

Will I be able to survive the onslaught from youtube?
Can be avoided if subreddit option is taken

How long can I commit for?
Let’s say an episode on each main method of combating depression and/anxiety with a personal musing on how each suggestion worked for me.

How many episodes should I do if I should even do it episodically?
Answered above

At what point do I give Patreon serious consideration?
If it goes beyond the predicted episode count.

What would my badge/logo be? Tagline? Art?
“Keep Talking”

Do I host a discord server for this?

How professional is this channel going to be?

How much do I reveal about myself and those in my life?

Would I need to write scripts or should I do it free-form with only a few pointers?

What other channels could I look to for inspiration?
Wedge from the Mana Source. Dave from BoyinaBand.

What do I name the Channel?
Also unknown.


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