Cable Ties and Duct Tape

I was speaking to my brother about not knowing what to write when I had a Homer Simpson like Epiphany. I could write about what I knew. I would write a tale about my life and my journey, but attributing it’s features to another and seeing how they would react to my situation. I guess this will be a horribly cliched novel(la) but I want t write and have something to focus on.

However, I am having Second Thoughts on actually writing this. It would involve me tapping into past events that I would rather just stay hidden. I don’t want to divulge all of my secrets. And, I know, I don’t have to. None of what I say therein is guaranteed to be truth. None of it has to be. Why I am having second thoughts is because I am so scared that I will stuff this up like I have done for so many other things. I am proud of this and do not wish for it to fail. I want it to be great, and, if not, at least good. I want it to be something that I can be proud of and something that I can use as reference to who I am.

I guess this is as much a journey of self discovery as it is of story crafting. I am scared. And I am not brave. But I want to do this. I want to show you what I can do. I want to impress you and make you feel those vicious things called emotions with my words alone.

My story, for now, is called ‘Cable Ties and Duct Tape’. It speaks of a broken boy who is desperately trying to tie himself together with whatever he can find. He faces a number of psychological defects and sees the world in what he keeps on getting told is ‘a different light’ but he himself doesn’t quite believe it.

I am very nervous to post anything relating to this here but I shall try to. I am very keen to hear your thoughts on this idea and will get back to all of you who take the time to comment.

-Nefilibata Out


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