Pale White Eyes

A Rambling that is somewhat of an attempt to justify my skill of procrastinating everything by writing which I relate to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt (Eerie) because it scares me but really, it’s Gorham Hilarious


It is a not so well known and not so secret secret that I have a collection of stuffed toys which I adore and display proudly in my room. I never used to be academically inclined and so my mother found a way to motivate me. Every time I got an impressive mark, I’d be able to get some kind of a toy or game or thing that I wanted. I wasn’t academic, but I quickly saw my opportunity. I amassed a collection of stuff in a short while and over the next two years, my marks shot up. Now, what used to be impressive just wasn’t. I was able to get good grades without killing myself and the rewards I got from it amounted to less, and less. Eventually nothing. Earlier this year, two important things happened to me. I made a new best friend. And I got a stuffed toy.

The owl that you see in the picture above is what I sleep with each and every night. Her name is Vladina and she is neither mine nor is she a plush toy meant for cuddling. Vladina is a doorstop that I bought for a friend on her birthday. Invoking that age old ‘reward system’ she created and never terminated, I had convinced my mother to get me one (he’s called Vlad) for my marks that semester. Vlad was with me for a short while and now is in a better place. He is with Vladina’s owner.

I’ll explain two more things so just bear with me for a little longer.

I’ll take it to the weird part first.
The ‘Vladinsky’ was originally a doorstop. That’s what is on their price tag and that is the section that they were kept in, in the shop.

Now the part that actually validifies it’s linkage to the Daily Prompt:
You know how I said I sleep with Vladina? Normally, I end up curled ’round her in foetal position. About three times a week, with no sense of consistency, I’ll wake up to see those huge eyes staring at me in the face and it is SO SCARY!!!!!

PS: Thank you to Jensiper for asking about Vladina!


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