I had a Bird Pee on my Nipple Earlier…

The experience of walking indoors from taking a view of the Diwali fireworks only to have your shirt smeared with bird is not a nice one. If at all possible. Avoid it.

What I want to do here is just jot down a few of my ideas in case I get swept up and lose track of everything again.

The following points shall most likely make no sense at all and are likely to confuzzle you. Read at your own risk…

  • I should update my journal more regularly. I think if I move it to next to my bed then I’ll be able to convince myself to write in it more often. Getting up is hard.
  • I have a playlist that contains all of the music on my hard drive. I use it when my internet is acting up and I can’t stream music easily. A Christmas song just came on and I quickly skipped it. What is it with Christmas that I don’t seem to like anymore? I used to love the thing. Investigate this.
  • My lecturer emailed me a couple of days ago. I need to read that article and reply to her.
  • My room is a mess. I cleaned it on Wednesday. Thursday came and it was a mess again. My dog also peed on my bathroom curtain so I should probably put that back up. If someone enters my room while I’m in the bathroom that could be very awkward. And scary. More so for them than for me.
  • But yes. Room needs to be cleaned.
  • And repaired. I have multiple leaks and I need to finish panelling the roof.
  • Erebos is the god of the dead. Apparently, I belong on the plane of Theros so I should read up some of the lore there.
  • Martas? Yes. Martas. I should Martas. I desire to world build!
  • My magic deck and my wallet need to become better friends. They don’t understand each other at the moment. I am well and truly broke.
  • Well, that’s a lie. I have a large amount of savings left but really don’t wanna dip into them. Paranoia validated by my recent slippings so I cannot call it paranoia as it is justified.
  • Yes Grammarly. Slippings is a word.
  • I should take a break. My mind is racing from just typing these out. Okay. Breathe me and get back to this later.

Many many hours later, after tens of youtube videos, several painful ‘sleeps’ and a severely unproductive time since he left, Nefilibata returns to his laptop to post this. Sick and tired of his lethargy, somewhat disorientated and regretting that he has not done any of his work



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