The Last of My Energy

A Daily Moan that some guy tries to relate to the Daily Posts Daily Prompt even though he Hasn’t Looked at it yet and has the title of His post in Awkward Caps

Okay cool, so the prompt for today is Giant. Well then, allow me to moan.

Today was tiring. Yesterday was far worse but I have not been able to dig myself out of this workload. I spent Friday playing Mtg. Saturday trying not to die. And today, Sunday, I both tried not to die in the morning and played magic in the evening.

My sleep (if I even got any) was awful. On Saturday, I woke up with nothing but a towel on. I shivered out of the bed and stumbled across the sweltering furnace that was my room into the pathetic dribble of water that is meant to be a shower. Sunday, I honestly don’t know if I slept. I think I did since time did pass relatively fast at times but I just lay there, in my bed, cuddling my friend’s doorstop all night long waiting for my brain to switch off and go to sleep. (Her name is Vladina and she is gorgeous. The doorstop, not the friend. Friend is gawjus though ’cause I don’t want to be beaten.)

I had more to say here but I have run out of mental processing power. I wanted to watch anime after this though. But I don’t have any more good anime or fast enough internet *_*

So how does ths post relate to the prompt of giant? Well, it doesn’t and I’m not going to make it try to. Sorry not sorry.


8 thoughts on “The Last of My Energy

    1. I do not know how to comment in a picture so I hope a link shall suffice. Rereading what I wrote there I can see that I made little sense. Thank you for pointing this out to me.

      In short, the doorstop is like a stuffed toy that I sleep with, she technically belongs to a friend but I have little intention of giving it back. If you want to read more about it then take a looksie and the linksie. And I promise never to make that joke again.


      1. So he is a doorstop? He is weighted at the bottom? How did you end up with it if you gave it as a gift? He us very cute. I enjoyed reading the explanation and thank you for mentioning me Keep writing!

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      2. I got one for myself, that one was Vlad. I then got a friend another one for her birthday, the one I gave to her was Vladina. I think I may have forgotten to mention the fact that after a couple of days, we ended up switchng Vlad for Vladina and Vladina for vlad. Now she has mine and I have hers. Its all a bit confusing really xD


      3. Its got some kind of a sand bag inside of it. Umm….Why did we switch? Honest answer? Because the fear of being alone was too much to bear and as our circumstances prevented us from crying on the other we settled for the next best thing. A substitute.
        Friendly lie: We got them mixed up and realised at a later stage.


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