Booster Opening

Dream Journal 01-10-16

So despite my thoughts of my lack of dreams, I actually did have one last night. I dreamt that I was up at my local gaming store and won four boosters of my choice. We must have been playing Friday Night Magic as the place was packed with geeks of all manners of form and function. I can remember being absolutely consumed by the excitement of getting these packs. I chose three from sets I needed, and one from the latest expansion – Kaladesh. I pulled three of my favourite cards from those packs. One Drana, Liberator of Malakir; one Gisela, the Broken Blade, and one copy of Relentless Dead.

I spent the last few waking hours of my day mulling how to work my MtG deck. I had the theme and I had the cards I needed. I just needed another one copy of them if I wanted to be able to rely on their powers. I’m glad I dreamt of them though because at about 200 rand card there’s no way I can afford that xD



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