The Last Lines from Gatsby

A Daily Update: Pretend

I am in two minds of where I want to go with this site. I could change things around and try and help the people in my kind of a situation. But there are tonnes of those already and I doubt I’d have much of an impact. If I can be there for someone like how people have been there for me then that’s enough. I’m sick and tired of pretending that things are alright. They aren’t.

At times like this, I find comfort in very few things. I would list them for you so that you can use them on others who are in a similar situation to me but they fluctuate so rapidly that what normally calms us, can aggravate us. The only thing that has never failed me is the breathing of another. Words are pretty useless when the brain does allow you to believe them. If you are burdened with helping someone suffering from depression then just be there. You need not say anything. Just be there and breathe.


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