Kiss With A Fist

An Update: It’s not much, but its an update

I was working pretty hard today. Things actually were going well and I was making great progress! Annnnnnd then I woke up. Note to self, two hours of sleep after every ten hours awake is not a feasible sleeping habit. However, it does mean that I am actually getting some sleep even if it isn’t good sleep, or even (as it was with my afternoon nap earlier) sometimes not even desired sleep. I’m currently busy slaving away at three essay topics that count towards a large percentage of my marks this semester. Two of which I know have been pushed back thanks to these strikes but the other (due Wednesday) I have only heard that there may be an extension but we have had plenty of time to get things done so it is unlikely. I not only think that my lecturer has a valid point here in saying that we have had plenty of time to get things done. I could and should be finished by now but I am not. Alas, I have only just gotten started and my writing of this here is supposed to give me some kind of motivation into getting more of this done.

So why am I not finished? Well, life has been tough recently and I wasn’t prepared to handle what hit me. Is that an excuse I can get away with? Nope. I should really get back to working but this throbbing pain in my cerebellum and the dull hum in my frontal lobe really make staying focussed a monumental task.

I have tried distracting myself and taking a break from things. I have tried water, tea, sugary lemon fizz stuff and all nothing. I have tried eating wholesome foods and I would try munching some chocolate too, but I seem to have finished that all already. Currently, I am blasting a playlist of some of my favourite songs through my headphones to try and force away the aches and pains but nothing has happened yet.

There are few items left on my list of ways I know how to cure this thing. Rest hasn’t helped as yet and I don’t want to go back to that until I can actually afford the time to sleep and sleep peacefully because that I get probably once every fortnight. Bona fide good sleep does not come as often as my health needs it to. OOh! I think the musics working. The Cults – Go Outside. kinda washes the soul with a cheese grater and then wipes the wound with steel wool. Back on topic here bud. . . So maybe the music does help. I have to just get myself into a state where it can help nd I guess finding that is what is so difficult at present.

Oh well, there is too much I have to do for me to do what I would like to, if I can make it past these next two weeks then I’ll allow myself to indulge once this is out of the way. Whether I finish it or not, I guess I don’t really have much of a choice seeing as these deadlines are final. Eh, to work my good fellow!


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