The Last Few Days

A Dream Journal Update to what used to be a well-kept log: Passionate – Wating to Strive on

The border between conscious and unconscious that one must pass through in order to fall asleep is actually quite fascinating. Ever remember a time when you were trying to finish something off and just couldn’t fight back the sleep for long enough to actually gain the ground you wanted to? Ever been trapped by the border security there in a desperate attempt to fall asleep but being denied access? Ever thought that you were dreaming and only later realised that it was all just reality after all?

Yeah, I’m sure we all have. It’s strange, trying to sort out your life is always harder than you realise and, sometimes, we can get so caught up in the lack of what is happening in our lives that we forget why we simplified things in the first place. A while ago I said I was on the decline. I could see into this tunnel but I could not see ut of it. The entrance was small and I knew that I’d have to cut down on what I was carrying if I wanted to actually fit and not just slam into the tunnel, having my entire life shaken by the crash. I took some time to myself and decided that I would sort out my life. I failed miserably at that and ended up not really sorting anything out. I did manage to simplify things for a while and I think I can see the end of this dank alley now. I wasn’t running for the majority of my time in this soot filled passage but I fared better than I expected. I still think I failed at what I tried to achieve but I am happy with the result because I never imaged I would have gotten out of this actually feeling better about things. That is new to me. And I like it.


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