Getting Stuff Done

A Daily Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Hike

Getting things done is an absolute mission. I’ve tried hiking before and I think that it is one of the best analogies one can make here. When you have a mountain of things to do, it really is like a hike along their paper paths. Hiking is painful and tiring and urgh. You get all sweaty and blegh. I don’t like. Just like work! Yet, in both cases, when we actually find the strength or the motivation to get summit our mountain we are left with this incredible view from the top. In many cases, it’s that of another mountain that crept up on us while we were busy delaying over this one and that is a sad, sad truth.

I have started my hike up this mountain of work that I have been intentionally ignoring. I have started it and I have, in this day alone, surpassed many of the first levels, but for every level I go up, I can see how much taller this mountain has become in my absence. I now have a very limited time in order to complete a very large amount of work. I have many great reasons to stride on and prosper but two that would wish for me to stray from the path.

  1. I am lazy and don’t want to get this done at my own pace. This is the reason which we largely just ignore because it’s not that great. But it is fueled by the second reason and becomes a massive load of baking soda. It gets in your mouth when it shouldn’t be and it’s not pleasant at all.
  2. There is strong reason for me to believe that I will not be able to finish my university programme this year, at least not in the conventional sense, because there are plans by the strikers around t do just that. These violent protests make it unsafe to be on university grounds and even if the academic programme continues as per normal, it’s not exactly like things can go smoothly due to the tension caused by the police presence.

Knowing full well that there is valid reason for me to procrastinate is the main reason why I am in this situation. On the bright side, there should only be one thing that I don’t manage to finish I’ll be dreading that so much that I’ll delay it further by completing everything else!


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