A Prompt about Prompting

A Dainty Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Stump

“Where to go with this prompt?” I thought to myself as I checked my emails for only the 8th time that day. The obvious is to use the first word that comes to mind. Now, which came first, was it Stumpy or Stumpling? could it have been how, sometimes, when we try to simplify our lives we cut down our canopies to find what is at the core of our being, yet, we fail to realise that a clean slate involves not only a cleaning out of the surface but also of the beliefs we hold central to us. 

I sit here in my wet shower hair, a towel draped across myself to keep some form of decency while imagining how many writers go about their work without their pants on. It must be a wonderful feeling knowing that nobody is watching you. So much less responsibility. PJs all day every day.

As I do not know where I want to go with this post I shall say that I am  truly stumped and leave it there on that awful note and horrible joke.


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