Dream Disorder

Dreamlog since my last post

I have had many dreams over the course of the past couple of days, most of which are of a nature which I am not permitted to speak on without consulting a friend of mine who was directly involved in the dream. There are, however, three dreams of mine that I risk nothing in telling you about. Please, read on, and enjoy the demons that torment me at night.
Dream One: Hahren Hug

In essence, a hug so tight that my intestines were thrown out.

Dream Two: ‘Haters gonna hate’

It was not a good dream, on second thoughts I’d rather not relive the memory

Dream Three: Odric’s Awakening

Okay, so maybe I am obsessed with this game. I absolutely love it. From all that I have heard and seen of it, there are no grounds on which they discriminate against anyone. However, as the main audience for this beloved game is the young adult male, the only issue with it that I have at the moment is that lack of diversity in body shape of the female heroes. I want fatties (male and female) who make up for their sluggishness with their ingenuity and wit. I want morbidly obese people who overcome their distasteful habits and undergo a transformation that sees them go from a sphere to actually in shape. This too is what I dreamt of the night before last.

I was examining the cards in my deck and how they work together. I build decks to fit a story or a theme. The downside to this is that my decks often lack in power what they possess in narratives. I was examining the cards and their relation to each other and seeing what I can do to increase it’s power output. It had performed awfully earlier that day and I was not happy with it. I had somehow edited in two cards that didn’t fit the theme of the deck at all and I was not happy with that. Although, I must admit that those two cards were how I won that earlier four man game.

I laid out the cards in their respective colour, mana cost and type. Then I mixed them around and ‘exiled’ the cards that simply did not fit the theme. The deck is commonly called splurge and it revolves around this one card called “Odric, Lunarch Marshal”  who can apply the abilities of one of my cards to all of them. The deck aims to unify the strengths of various upper-class cards and ‘splurge’ them across the entire board so that I have an army of weakly powered, but incredibly mighty, spirits and soldiers. I’m even trying to incorporate the inevitable death of my weaker troops to benefit my other soldiers so that their death is never in vain. I really like the deck and the way it tells of a former hero trying to repent for the wrongs he and his council have committed. He led a fight against a rebellion and was under the belief that his church was right. When he found out that he was aiding the corrupted in oppressing the people he abandoned his title and is now fighting with all those who will lend them his blade.

What I love about this deck is that the story element is so strong that it has to change as the story develops. And where I started it in this telling wasn’t even where the deck itself started. Odric first banded together a legion of Zendikari soldiers to fight against the unknown horrors of the dark. He worked with the rebellious planeswalker known as Nahiri and incidentally helped bring about the rise of the Eldrazi Titan, Ermakurl, the Promised End. My dream started here, with this realisation of the wrongs Odric had committed and his desire to earn forgiveness for his sins. He found new strength in the arms of those who previously rebelled against him. Working with those who placed little to no trust in him, he fought against the Eldrazi and lead his forces to an untimely end.


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