That Glimmer of Hope

A Daily Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Twinkle

There is something remarkable about the twinkling sensation that we feel when we speak with someone who calms us. I speak from the perspective of one perpetually anxious and chronically saddened, when people like us twinkle, it is truly sensational.

I praise the act of twinkling because, to me, it means that someone is able to pull me out of a pit and actually make me think, ‘You know what, maybe I do have hope.’ There are o few people that can make me feel this sensation. So by inference, if you are anything like me then you will know what I mean when I say that these are the people you want to always keep around. Also, if you are like me then you probably won’t believe that these people exist because you don’t yet have that hope and I’m here to tell you that they do. Whether you like it or not, they do exist.

Beautiful people do exist.


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