Am I back? can I be back?

Although it saddens me to do so, I think it is only sensible for me to drop the intention to catch up on all the daily posts that I have missed out on and start afresh. I have been caught behind in almost everything that I have committed myself to doing. Writing these blog posts, attending lectures and keeping a top notch standard at varsity, writing letters to my dear friend who cannot be with me just yet. I have fallen so far behind in updating the stories that I have been writing that I no longer know where it is that I wanted them to go. I am scouring for a means to enable myself to catch up and get my life back on track while not overloading my systems and falling even further behind. At present, I have found a way of keeping pace. But that’s it, I need to move faster or else I will not be able to manage in the near future.

I no longer have to live this life day by day, I am looking further into the future and seeing more than just ‘the time when my systems will crash’. Albeit, it’s not much further into the future. I am planning things that are happening in a month’s time but concentrating on what is going to happen within the next two days and it simply is not good enough. So for now, until I am satisfied with the way I work things, I am changing the way I approach these posts and other aspects of my life.

Instead of daily posts in response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt, I’ll update the site once every three or so days. Sometimes more, sometimes less – depending on my workload. Right now, I am writing this as a means of procrastination. I know I don’t want to work so if I can channel that desire to delay into making something else then I can at least feel like I did something of note.


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