The Sun on the Horizon

A Daily Dose of Updates for my Dream Journal

I went to bed rather late last night. I was reading the MtG storyline and got so absorbed by it I forgot what time it was. When I slept, I slept well. Which is good news since I don’t often sleep well at all. I still woke up periodically but I had a Vladinsky with e and so I was alright. Yet, my dreams last night were strange. Far batter than what happened on the night before but still, strange in the sense that I have so seldom dreamt of this act before.

Last night, I dreamt of sleeping. Yes. Sleeping.

I woke up feeling more rested and I was actually relaxed. I calmly got out of bed, brushed my teeth and wandered downstairs. The sun was beaming orange out on the horizon. I was surprised, I had thought that I had overslept since I had no need to get up and so to see the sun out warmed my heart. It was like things were finally starting to look up for me. I smiled, earnestly too. I was genuinely happy at the thought of not having to wake up in dread every morning.

As I made my way down the second flight of stairs I could hear the clanking sound of knives and forks on plates. My family was all up and eating? At the table too!? This was unheard of. I must have missed something important. ‘oh well’, I thought. I still had the entire day to figure it all out and if they were only eating now then there would be more than enough time for me to scramble myself some eggs and throw a shirt or to onto myself after splashing my tired face with fresh, cool water. I yawned and greeted the rest of my family. I wasn’t going to question the table meals. In my mind, table meals just taste better than those in front of the TV. I shuffled over to the kettle, filled it up, clicked it on and readied myself for my morning cup of tea. Casting my gaze back over to my family at the table I saw not the yellow and white of egg that I was expecting but the green of peas and the dark brown of overcooked steak.

That was a . . . strange thing to have for breakfast. Why would my family have steak this early? I opened my mouth to speak but my throat was dry and no words came out. Understandable. I had gotten very little sleep after all. Regardless, of how short it was, it was good sleep. They couldn’t scold me for that. I poured the boiling water into my cup and let my Earl Grey tea brew for three minutes. It was then that I saw the time. Seventeen thirty. SEVENTEEN THIRTY?! That woke me up. Half five in the evening. I had gotten more than 5 times the amount of sleep I thought I had.


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