A Dream Come True – not

Dream Journal Update: 13-08-16

Last night, I dreamt of confrontations. I’m so glad they didn’t come true!

I had a not so close friend confess his feelings for me on campus and later he cried on me and told about how he was on 140mg of antidepressants. . . I was shocked. He always was the confidant “I’m so great” type of guy and so when he splurged all of this onto me I was absolutely stunned. Eh, the first part of that dream didn’t come true. It didn’t have the opportunity to. The second part, well that was the part in which I got dealt one solid uppercut from he who shall not be named. No no. Not no-nose. A person who I have angered. He visited me in my dreams last night and punched me in the face. Needless to say, I was pretty scared when I had to go into that situation in which I may have met him.

My dreams last night were vividly real and I am grateful that they did not come true. Now, it’s two in the morning so I should probably sleep.


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