A Dream Journal Update to fill in the Blanks Because I have been a bit preoccupied with Life in General and Trying to Keep up with Varsity but this Update comes in no Specific Order and Probably Doesn’t Make that much Sense so Good Luck and Happy Reading

My dreams as of late have been . . . arbitrary. I have dreamt of my closest friend being about to stab me in the gut (as normal) but then at the last moment, she turned around and sliced in two this massive black slime that I couldn’t even see was coming.

I have dreamt of a massive flood that toppled building and caused the death of thousands. Rabid flaming dogs that are both alive and dead, decaying flesh on their front half, blazing bone on their latter. I have dreamt of monkeys using tools to take command of Wall Street and they actually stabilised world economy. (I guess by not having any prejudice, they were able to balance things to give the greatest good to the greatest number of people.)

I have dreamt of ending world hunger and curing the population crisis by encouraging cannibalism and mutual hate. I have dreamt of love and of loss. Mainly loss. All my friends I have seen leave me under completely rational circumstances and I can not blame them for doing so.

But last night, last night was the weirdest dream of all. I am currently studying Ancient Egypt and trying to finish my assignment on this weird fellow called Akhenaten.

He was Pharoh of Egypt for a time. He has been called ‘the first individual in history’. He is claimed to have gone against thousands of years of tradition and the entire empire and started monotheism. He is claimed to be an alien, to be Moses, and to be, yes, you guessed it, Barack Obama. I can kind of get the Moses claim but the other two are just wayyy beyond sense for me. Odds are, he was born with some genetic defect that caused his appearance to be something like that which we see on the statues and in the art. This would explain why he was left out of all the family portraits. If he was isolated from society and found salvation in the ‘Aten’ (what he called the true god) then it makes sense that he went as far as he did in rebelling against the very authority that cared not for him. My dream, however, involved me walking like an Egyptian through the scorching sun to the ceremony where the Pharoah was to announce the new capital.


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