A Surprising Revelation that I don’t Know What to do With

A Procrastinated Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Confused

So I just finished reading the next chapter for my linguistics module. I’ve been delaying reading it by looking at lore and reading Lovecraft. Now I am delaying doing the reading for my philosophy and ancient Egypt modules by reading up on the latest science news from this beautiful site called Futurism.

What I don’t get is why I can’t just procrastinate like a normal person and fiddle with stuff or doodle or just amble around the house aimlessly. What is it about my nature that makes me procrastinate readings, by doing more readings?! I am tired and don’t really want to think about it too much so I think I am just going to sort out the rest of what I need to before I head off to bed. It’s a quarter to midnight at my time of writing this and I really need to shower and get some more tea.

As it says on my brother’s mug, “I’m not addicted to tea, we’re in a loving relationship.”

Listening to Weird Al Yankovich at the moment. Speaking about my confuzzlement towards my procrastination habits while listening to “White and Nerdy” gave me this revelation. I have absolutely no idea what to do with this information! xD


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