Letters for a Friend

Dream Journal 13-08-16

Twas not a good day. Twas not a good sleep. At least I didn;t have any (bad) dreams.

Dream Journal 14-08-16

This day, however, was far better. I have a stuffed toy that I always sleep with (for ease of reference let’s call her V). The night before last, I fell asleep without her. But last night, she was by my side and she warded away the bad dream that was coming my way and her owner (yes, I stole “V” from my bestie).

She (bestie, not V) is currently in seclusion and trying to ward off the unwanted attention. Needless to say, I have a great desire to speak to her, and query her, and poke her, and well, the list goes on. In my dream last night, she saved me from the darkness by throwing me into a pool of distress, forcing me to fight my own way out and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better way for someone to help me. Prompting someone to reach their own potential, this is what I admire most in people who help others. It is as close to altruism as I think we can get. The typical desire is to stand alongside them or to shield them from everything. But to allow for one to take the fall and realise their own potential is what I consider a sign of a noble soul. I am privileged to have you as my friend.


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