People can Reach Me

30 Day writing Challenge. Day One: Five Problems with Social Media

Top of my list, as yu have probably guessed already, it’s that with social media, people can Reach me.

I like my seclusion. I like my privacy. I like being able to share my life with those that I chose and nobody else. I think that the ‘reach’ of social media is a great thing for businesses but that it is too easily abused by the largest businesses who pay to bolster their viewings.

Issue number two would be the fact that it is so easy to communicate. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is one of the greatest aspects of social media. Especially for folks like me who have been hit with a case of the panicology. We anxiety prone people adore social media for lightening the burden of conversations for us. But even we need to admit, it would be really great if we could speak like we do over texts.

Furthermore, and this is another hate-love situation, the ability to completely ignore what one has said and continuing with other conversations until one has the mental strength to face the one who we would rather avoid. I am terrible at confrontation and the fact that social media breaks down this barrier into digestible chunks for me is greatly appreciated.(and when I speak of social media I am mainly speaking of social messaging networks) What I think it is wise to dislike about this is the fact that it makes it that much harder for us to confront someone in person. I have to do that in a couple of days from now and I am already feeling the spiders crawling around my gut, just waiting for the moment when they can launch out of me.

  1. The fact that I am always reachable
  2. How easy it is to communicate
  3. The way business can overpower you
  4. The lack of necessity in a timely response
  5. and last, the obvious one, the loss of meaning over text. And the loss of facial expressions overall.

None of the issues that I have with social media are issues that I would remove. Although I think that these things are issues, I think that they are a greater boon than bane.


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