It’s Been a Long Day

Dream Journal 29-07-16

It’s been a pretty long day my side. Not dreary (thank goodness) but just draining. Not even draining in the sense that I am physically and mentally exhausted. I just feel like I am lacking something that is normally there. I have an idea of what that is too but here is not the place to say.

When my dream journal turned into more of a place where I just have a moan than a place where I update my dreams… I think that happened ’round about when I started to fall into old habits once again. Now, I need to actually sort out my life and organise things so that I can actually cope with any given day. That is my goal at the moment. To cope. To not feel like I did this morning. To be able to cope.

As for the dream itself, well… I was speaking on pretty much this exact topic with a friend of mine. When I woke up and told Sirrah to “ask away, my friend!” I realised that something was very off as she had no idea what I was speaking about. Why didn’t she understand it? We’d been speaking for the past five hours, hadn’t we? That’s when it clicked. I’d dreamt of the conversation with her.


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