It Wasn’t Drugs! I Swear it.

Dream Journal 28-07-16

I know that I certainly did get some sleep last night. It wasn’t much but it was sleep and it was the best I slept in a while. I helped out a really close friend of mine. Indeed, half the reasnI was up so late (or early depending on how you look at it) was because I wanted to make sure that they were okay. The other reason was because the images that plagued me even before I went to sleep were absolutely fascinating!

In the world of darkness that came to life after I switched off my bedside light and such my eyes, I saw machines that moved of their own free will. It was almost as if the Transformers cartoons I watched in my youth had come to life. It was not the over the top explosion focussed Michael Bay films that we have now. But these were the automatons that existed before the CGI of modern day. I had no dreams last night. But what I did hallucinate and see these things before I managed to sleep. I was tired and fatigued from the previous couple of days. I had been drained right to my core and there was nothing I could do to get myself some decent rest because even the state of slumber was against me.

I suppose I really should have been more concerned about the fact that my coat turned into three young chubby children that were swiftly decapitated by the chair that just morphed into a yellow and green robot. I know these things were not real and would not have believed that they were even if they showed themselves to be so. My time on this earth is limited and it looks like my mind is showing more signs of madness than I thought it would, faster than I expected it to.


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