Just Another Life Crisis

A Daily Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Crisis

Those of you very familiar with my blog or those of you unfortunate enough to know me in person, you know that I sleep very little. This is probably one of the many things that will lead to my cognitive decline but while I am still able to and while I still wage war with sleep, I get to use these midnight hours however I like. It is meant to be free time in which I can relax and calm myself. That’s a lot harder than it sees.

As of late, my anxiety has really decided to spite me. As of recent, university life commence and I have all the joys of nerddom at my disposal. I am addicted to learning and accumulating information – if only I had the memory to actually retain even a third of what I read. But I digress, I need to learn to better focus my attention when I tell a story as often I end up taking side road after side road after side road after – well, you get the picture. So why crisis?

I wanted to write about crisis here because I have a dire situation on my hands. I have a latin test tomorrow and a stack of homework to go with it. I have thirty pages of readings to do but about triple that, is what I would like to read. I have essays and assignments that are  due in less than a month and I want to start thinking about them but I currently cannot afford to spare the time for these additional academic pursuits just yet. This must be why I started this post speaking about my sleeping habits. Or rather, the lack of a stable sleeping habit, for it is thanks to this that I am able to take out extra time and do things like write this post and take that nap that I took when I was about to start my Latin.

Yet, all of this is my own fault. With this increased workload and my drastically reduced amount of time, I am finding it very difficult to update my short stories that I enjoy writing so much. But I have not stopped them! I’ve just slowed them. A LOT. Now, I know I complain about the lack of time that I have and that I harp on about the same thing over and over and over again but I still don’t see this as a major issue yet. Right now, my biggest problem is that I am all out of tea. * Gasps! *


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