Server Issues

Dream Journal 26-07-16

I wasn’t sure that I slept at all again last night, I woke up restless and alone again. Yet, later on in the day, when my mind swarmed me with thoughts that were not my own I saw an all too familiar image. This must have been my dream. or if not my dream of that night, then of some time before.

I had met up with my gaming group and we were discussing the launch of Pokemon Go (yes, that game again). I had recently become aware of the fact that the reason the servers were down so often was because so many other people were trying to get on and play even though the game had not been released in their area yet. I was having a debate with the blondest in our group, he was severely irked by those of us who had downloaded the game from a third party source and were contributing to the cause of the server issue.


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