Was it Even a Vial?

Dream Journal 25-07-16

I slept very little last night. I cannot actually say for certain that I slept at all and did not just wait the night out like nights gone by. The only reason I have that makes me believe that I slept was the rate at which time passed. It flew by in times when my thoughts were not even that engaging. Indeed, if I did dream at all it was certainly of all that may happen on this day that I return to university life. So far, it’s been anticlimatic. I was stressed about interacting with people and in my first lecture that actually took place (for the very first one was called off allowing me to take care of some registration issues in the newly freed up time.) in this time, it took me forty minutes to build up a great enough desire to speak that forced me to put my hand up to make my comments heard. I hold a fair rank in the philosophy department and I wish to keep that same position. But alas, I often digress too far and far too often do I stray away from my point and leave it in the sand.

My thoughts last night were what plagued me as dreams. I could tell you of all the tales they told me but I wish not to relive those memories.


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