Double Whammy

Dream Journal 21-07-16

Well, I dreamt last night. I was just chatting on my phone as per usual so nothing special there. I find that my life revolves quite heavily around that tiny little machine. Yet, I only use it for two things. Communicating with, my small group of friends, or sorting out the various obligations and duties I have to perform. It’s second use, is that Pokemon Go game that  I love so much. No, wait. I had another dream too!

Odd that, how when typing the one dream I had I could recall the other dream that I had. Dream two is this:

I logged into Pokemon Go as per usual. I wanted to check up on the progress my team had made in the area. There were to gyms that showed up from my house and they were constantly shifting between Team Valour (Red) and Team Mystic (Blue – My Team). Yet, when I logged in I didn’t see these two gyms or the two Pokestops nearby. Instead, I saw my avatar appear on an island. It was deep olive in colour and had no roads, yet the graphics and everything looked identical to what it would appear if  had logged in and all was normal. I was about to call the others I knew who played the game when the second generation starters appeared in front of me. I was ecstatic. This means that the developers (Niantic) had all the game data they needed to implement the second generation of Pokemon and that all they had to do now was figure out how to spread them over the world. I looked towards the three starters that lay near me and tried to catch them all. As I made my first attempt to catch one, I got an alert. “No Pokeballs”


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