Depth in Writing – Focus

A Daily Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Depth

So as of yesterday (the 20th of July), I lay down the conclusion for the Metanoia short story and set things up for where I can start off writing again with the same old characters but a different direction. I liked the way that I was able to add to the story in response to the daily prompt of that day but I think it got a bit much for me for two reasons.

  1. I did not know where the story was going. As a result of this, there are gaps and spaces left out of the story that I feel should be filled in.
  2. Sometimes I just could not match the prompt to the plot. Where I wanted to take the story from where I last left off and what I wanted to write for the prompt of that day where, more often than not, contradictory.

Despite this. I like the way it worked out and wish to continue this. My only question at the moment is where to focus on.

I have several ideas in my mind and, for most of them, I have already laid down the groundwork. I thoroughly enjoy writing and having the power to make someone who is feeling numb, experience pain. I want to create relatable characters that people can love and hate. Preferably both at the same time. I want to make people feel something. That is the depth in writing that I want to achieve.

In order to achieve this, I need to focus on one of these plotlines:

  1. Filling in the gaps of the Metanoia short story.
  2. Continuing the Metanoia story with a new direction.
  3. Add to my Frank Waterburn tale: “Forged in Flames”
  4. Or, I could start work on Turpitude.

I think I want to move away from the Metanoia plot so that I can give my mind a break from that genre. I don’t want to remain stagnant and lose out on a dynamic story. So that kicks out option one.

Options two and four are both set in the world of Martas and I am not ready to continue with things there just yet. So that leaves option three. Frank Waterburn and Sasha Abbot. These were the characters that got me into writing and I think it is only fair that I pay tribute to them by continuing with their story. The only issue here, where do I go?

This tale is set out in my hometown of Durban, South Africa. It involves real world problems and issues and I now see where my first hurdle lies. The real world. I prefer fantasy to reality so this project will be well…interesting. It uses no magic or fantasy themes so I need to stick this to reality which, in my experience, is harder than it seems. I know the laws behind fantasy than I know the laws of my own country so I shall need to hoard information about the real world before I can actually write this. Maybe it would be easier to just fill in the gaps of my other story xD.

Oh well, onwards and outwards dear reader. To the world of Frank Waterburn and Sasha Abbot shall we go and I shall do my utmost to make you feel whatever it is that I can. Emotion, such is the depth I want to achieve in writing and where I want to focus.



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