An Array of Empty Vials

So I’ve been off in the Drakensberg camping in the cold icy winds with my bk and a longing for my dogs and a hug for the last couple of days and I’m sad to report that I have had no dreams since my last update. Thinking about it now, there was one actually. I dreamt that I asked somebody a question but then I couldn’t recall if I had actually asked that question or if I really did dream it. I still don’t know. My anxiety was acting up more than normal and I couldn’t face speaking up and asking them if it was real or something I dreamt so I kept my mouth shut.

I still have a week to go before varsity gets back and in it, I have a few goals that i wish to achieve. I am not a fan of those great big happy-go-lucky motivational sites that push for people to share everything they think and desire. Urgh. I couldn’t care less about that. I do know that posting a list of things that you want to do actually helps you do them. So here are my intentions for this week.

  1. Get Pokemon Go working.
  2. Finish off the post titled “Reavers” that I have had in my drafts for the past 11 days.
  3. I have three things to do related to fencing. Hall hire, equipment sourcing, and form reading. Hopefully I can get Pokemon go to work and then have some fun during those stops. I AM A CHILD INSIDE OKAY
  4. I need to sift through piles of timetables and paperwork to get myself ready for campus on the 25th
  5. Not forgetting that campus is on the 25th xD
  6. Finish as much of my book (The Book Thief) as I can.
  7. Not expand this list anymore because that will give me more work than my lazy tush  is capable of.

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