Dream Backlog

Yes yes., I know. I have been very bad these past few days with updating my dream journal and the site in general but I am back. At least for now that is. I go on holiday soon and won’t be able to update anything here unless I can get WordPress working on my phone.

Dream Journal 08-07-16

No dream in memory here.

Dream Journal 09-07-16

After getting Pokemon Go to work and spending most of the day playing it, I dreamt that I was out catching the Legendary Pokemon HoHo and Lugia. Using a simple Pokeball I managed to catch myself the grand Lugia and we explored the ocean depths together.

Dream Journal 10-07-16

I asked a friend of mine for comfort last night and they yielded just that. Amazingly, that exact scene playing out in reality, is what I dreamt of that night.


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