An Overdue Explanation

Dream Journal 05-07-16

So last night was just another empty vial. I didn’t dream of Morlocks but I do have a faint memory of a dance so I guess it’s better classed as a Hazy Vial.

For those new here I thought maybe I should just explain the concept.

I consider dreams (and memories) to be a liquid substance and what I am trying to do here is capture them so that they cannot evaporate and wisp away. I try and bottle the dream like an alchemist would the elixir of youth by shoving it in an empty vial. Sometimes I miss, sometimes my potion is a failure and I have nothing to capture. That is what I call an empty vial. Sometimes I am too late in capturing it or sometimes my memory of the dream is just too faint for me to write on it in detail. This is what I class as a Hazy (or Misty) Vial as I just have the smell of the dream but no longer the dream itself.


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