Daily Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Deprive

Grand Cleric Anastasia

“The boy sleeps now. He is restless but it is only because of the premonitions he must be getting. You were good to bring him to me Madam Ironfist. How do you know Preacher Windrider?”

“I don’t your royalness. I was passing by here when he collapsed in front of me. I just didn’t want it to look like I was the one who knocked him out so I used me dwarven might and brought him in for ya.”

“The deed is noble despite its motif. You have enough reason to think a little better of yourself Ironfist.” I looked down to the pale-faced Bran and said, “You ought to visit your friends a little more too.”

Bran Windrider


The pale grey clouds loomed overhead as I looked into what I could sense was going to be my future. I was being knighted for a deed which I could not see myself committing. I was not that noble a person to go into the fray and fight for the survival of others. I fought for myself. That is how it had always been. That is how it should remain. What could cause a change in my person that was so great that I abandoned my entire history to do engage in futile acts this selfless?

I watched as the queen in her purple, gold and white regalia bestowed upon me a crown on the upper platform of the royal tower. The storm clouds grew ever stronger and the crowd, ever more joyous. Filthy plebeians, they looked to me as a leader. Commander of the Grey? No way. I must have seen this as the perfect plot to enhance my own status. That’s what it had to be. Yet, I could feel that it was not quite right. I was missing something. Something that I have now that I did not have then. Everything seemed regular apart from my lack of a smirk. As I turned to face the crowd I noticed that I winked to a particular woman who I felt as if I already knew. She was of pale complexion and draped in a bright red dress. She was the proudest in the crowd of thousands that applauded me as I felt nothing inside.

I have spent my entire life knowing that I was missing something, as it turns out, it was compassion. Yet, at least now I had emotions. I was not some lifeless creature rotten on the inside that manipulated those around them and felt nothing for it. I had seen into the future of my life and seen what I would become, but who was that white-haired woman standing next to me?



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Image Credit: Russ Mills-Byroglyphics


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