The Hound of Lady Death

Dream Journal 28-06-16

I am now taking the steps to making my sleeping patterns have some semblance of regulation. And although I did not dream last night I did dream when I had my 7:30 nap.

The new dog was vicious, I ha no idea how it arrived on our property but it was now our jb to take care of it. it was very much like my dearest Daffodil, but only in the basic skeletal form. This dog was a degenerated copy of Daffy. He was a darker, dirtier brown with soiled fur. I kid you not when I say he looked like Lady Death’s favourite plaything. Still, this dog smiled whenever I went out to them. He growled whenever someone new entered the property, he played with the other dogs like he was no different to them. But in every way, he was. He would shed not his fur but his skin. His eyes were a murky white yet he seemed to have no issues with his sight. Everything about him screamed out “this is wrong” yet I still looked forward to when I could see him again.


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