Daily Post

Dream Journal 25-06-16

Last night, I met with the great folk from the Daily Post here at WordPress. I was at a conference and it was he that noticed me. He knew of my work and my site and asked me questions about it that made me feel more appreciative of the journey. He asked me what daily prompt I thought to be the most fun to write about and what my thoughts were on these one-word prompts.

I like the one-word prompts because there are so many avenues to approach them by. Hence my initial stance towards them being a more linguistic and philosophical one and my more recent stance being writing a story in relation to that prompt. I hummed and hah-ed about my answer to the first question but I couldn’t figure out which post I enjoyed most. But for some reason, the post I made on the 9th of February is the one that sticks in my mind most. Yet, after half an hour of searching, I can find what it is that I posted on that day beyond my dream Journal.


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