The Ten Year Plan

Dream Journal 23-06-16

Before the 22nd, I didn’t really have a place where I could see myself in 10 years time. Now, thanks to a close friend, I do. Te details of that plan are not for public reveal but this is what I dreamt about.
The birds were tweeting madly as the sun woke up. I stumbled over towards the shoji. Slammed it open and yelled at the avian annoyance. I grabbed the newspaper off the floor and shuffled into the kitchen to pour myself some tea. Lemon and cranberry if I remember correctly. I hadn’t slept all night, I was still busy working on my paper. Slumping into my office chair I admired the 18 cup pyramid that I had built up over the course of a single night. It was no wonder that my bladder suddenly decided that it wanted to explode.

Ahh, relief.

I heard a knock at the bathroom door. She was there. Rolling my eyes I mumbled about how she constantly pestered me over the little things. I didn’t really mind it, it was just our routine. She  would moan at me, I would complain about her abusing me and then I’d surprise her by adding wasabi to her food. It was an interesting arrangement.



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