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A Daily Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Companion

As per usual. This part is repeated.

Check out the whole story here: Metanoia

In addition to trying to continue this story every  day, in relation to the Daily Prompt of that day, I am also using this as the perfect time to experiment with the writing styles I spoke of here, as well as any others I may or may decide to bowl with. Part one of this story no longer exists until I can figure out what it was and add something there.

Amber Ironfist

The official record says that I checked into town a week after that dreaded battle, but I was there for the whole thing. I saw was there when the frail bodied Grand Cleric called down an Avatar of Torm to bless the troops. I was there when, inspired by that same holy aura, half of our men died before we had felled but one of those abominations. I fought in that battle with all me might, aiding the Grand Marshal in his defeat of just under half of the Reavers. I killed two of them meself but let the other soldiers claim  the kill. If I took the compensation from these guys then me name would become too well known.

I remained on the battlefield long after the war had been won. I watched as the Grand Marshal gave a special burial to those whose life his blade ended. I had to play the role of a deceased soldier  otherwise I would be forced back into the town on their terms. When the battle was clearly ours, I reclipped me bow and whipped out me daggers. Lettin’ my untied helmet fall off of me head as let out the fiercest Dwarvish battle cry that me mother taught me. Racin’ across the gap behind the front lines, I joined the same area of combat as the commander. This was shortly after he killed his men and the rest of his soldiers were keeping a safe distance away from him. They left him alone, fighting two of those Beasts at once. I gave myself a quick moment. I had to understand all the movements and possible outcomes that my intended actions would bring. This would be me greatest performance but also the most dangerous thing I had ever done. I was frozen in me place. Couldn’t move me feet at all until the hulking beast slammed his fist into the ground next to me. Lookin’ up, I could see the commander had just taken a blow for me. If he hadn’t slingshotted his greatsword into the beasts arm I would be fluffier than ale foam. I couldn’t let this man continue to fit on his own like this.

I’m I Dwarf ya see. So I can handle daggers an’ still look damn good doing so. But when the only weapon that a bulky human, clad in full silver plate, has out is a dagger even piddlier than mine, it just looks ridiculous. I chuckled as the fight seemed so much more like a brawl with me brothers than it did before we were teamed up. Grabbing both daggers in me mouth and charging in, I tore the greatsword out of the Reaver’s arm which was about the size of me torso. I gave it one good swing at the head but it parried with it’s black, curved horns. Putting all of my might into this next blow I swung straight down, deliberately lodging the sword into the horn of the ducked beast. If me calculations were right then in three more seconds this Reaver would turn to face the other. I just had to pray that the commander could keep the other one busy during this time.

I swear those were the longest three seconds of me life. I could feel the hot breath emanating out of the beast’s nostrils as it glared me down. The creatures were unusually hot. I’d encountered ice wraiths and efreets before but never had I encountered a creature whose blood boiled naturally. To think that these creatures were once actually human…

Sure enough, the Reaver’s head was raised up on that three-second mark. I had underestimated the sheer might of the creature. I was hanging onto the end of the greatsword as it lifted its head up. I expected it was about 1.75 Gs of upwards force. The next few moments were critical.

Half a second before the Reaver is at its full height, let go of the sword and lean back. Allowing my momentum to carry me up, arch my back backwards and release daggers from jaw. One second. Two seconds. Grab daggers, twist and plunge my blades into the eye sockets of the fiend.

I felt amazing after successfully taking yet down yet another Reaver. The thrill of battle is not something that mere words can convey to ya but knowing that you are fighting Death’s attempts to hold ya is. Well. There is nothing that can make ya feel more alive! My only question was, “How the hell do I get back to the ground now?”

Grand Marshal Erik, The Exalted

I felt pathetic. I had just been completely shown up by one of my subordinates. This tiny Dwarven fury raged his way in here, froze just like any amateur, but then gracefully manoeuvred through the air and pierced the brain of the blackened monstrosities before me after flying through the air and performing a backflip. He wore the same colours as me yet I had no recollection of this freckled fury in any of the battalions that I had direct control over. I could not focus on this, though. I watched the warrior who had just earned my respect ride the beast to the ground. Bffff. The dust settled and the battle quietened, allowing this red haired dwarf a moment of victory. I saw my opportunity. While the Reaver processed what just happened I had to seize this opportunity to reclaim my weapon.

Amber Ironfist

I couldn’t see a damn thing! There was dust everywhere and I was struggling to breathe. Coughin’ an’ spluttering I stumbled out of that dust cloud only to see the commander running into it. I guess we were playing tag team. Me brothers and I would do that too. Two of them would charge at me, one would tap me shoulder and the other moved to flank me. The third readied himself for an attack. This was far easier, only one enemy to focus on. I could ignore the brother behind me. He normally would wait for me, but occasionally he charged in as well. This was one of those times. He charged at me and I charged right back at him. We looked each other dead in the eye and I would slide across the wooden floor and through his legs. Clear shot. This time, I had me daggers out so I slashed below the belt. Nothing. These creatures bore the faces of men but they were clearly devoid of certain parts. I guess they will remain a mystery for some time longer.

Grand Marshal Erik, The Exalted

I felt the opening made for me and charged in. Greatsword out, pressing forward. Individually, we had taken down half of these already. 6 more and then the little ones should all flee. They were so weak that we needn’t pay any attention to them. This one was one of the few that carried weapons. Clearly a privilege among the Reavers. I had no idea how to parry a mace that was larger in size than myself so I focussed on dodging. I shot a glance over at my new partner and he seemed hesitant again.

Amber Ironfist

What was he doing? Ugh. He was waiting for me wasn’t he. Damned commander. I rose to me feet and attacked the beast from behind. I had to ‘die’ n this battlefield. I was not yet ready to enter the city with them. The commander had just looked me dead in me eyes. This made things harder for the future. If I ever met him again then he might recognise me. Meh, humans always say all dwarves look alike so I guess one of me brothers fought in this battle too.

I attacked from behind, slashing at his heels. I didn’t want this guy to fall on me but if he kicked me away then I could use that as me ‘death’ and escape. By the end of it, it was not just me blades that were covered in bile but the thick juice had glooped itself all over me armour. It was actually incredible, their blood was so thick and sticky that it covered the average weapon. The more you made them bleed, the harder they became to kill. Unless you had a constant supply of weapons you would just end up beating the guy with a club!

Me father forged these blades himself and he’d roll in his grave if he knew what I’d just put them through. I ended up taking not just one kick, but two. The second one flew me across the field and out of sight of the commander. He’d have to finish that one off. I’d killed three Reavers. That was three more than I expected. The next few days, I’d sort out me papers and then spread the word of Bartharm Ironfist – Reaper of the Reavers.


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