Double Whammy

Dream Journal 13-06-16

Last night, I slept for much much longer than I would have liked. I woke up in pain, stiff and groggy. It wasn’t nice. I can remember having numerous dreams but due to the obstacle of overcoming my physical condition, I was only able to remember the clearest one – and even then, only barely.

My dream was short and simple. In it, I was sent to a show (yes, sent). I had no idea why I was there but I knew that it would carry on and prevent me from being able to attend fencing. I had little issue with that apart from the fact that I was chairperson and armourer. I had just packed the kit into my car and was ready to head down to unlock the hall when I was forced to come here. In a shameful act of self-service, I cancelled fencing for that night using the most reasonable excuse I could think of, too many people opted out for the night due to exams.

I now get flashbacks of one of my other dreams. It was, interesting and collates exactly with what I can remember of it. In this dream, I was female. I was walking around in a public forum, hair only just longer than it is now, but I was definitely female. There wasn’t much else to the dream really. I was just walking around. Oh well, at least I didn’t die in either of these dreams.


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