Understanding: How Should I write?

A Daily Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Understanding

I’ve always battled with finding a writing style that works for me. I’m a native English speaker yet I still battle with tenses when narrating a story. It’s a temporal jungle. Past tense there present here, future tense when speaking of an action in the present, then a switch to the right tense before losing track of it all and assuming past tense again.

That’s the reason why I have only ever written short stories. I’m in the process of writing one at the moment. I want to write a story about Bran Windrider as he travels through the land spreading his word throughout the populace. An interesting concept for someone who has had very little personal experience with faith. My idea for the story to relate each mini chapter with the prompt for that day. However, I have absolutely no idea how to take him from where he is now, to where he could be that relates to today’s prompt. So I want to, instead, speak of my writing.

I love narration, so I definitely want to stick to that. I love the idea that a parent can pick up a book and with mere words, manifest an imaginary world around them that the child can experience. And ultimately learn from. Books open us a passage into the mind of another and that, I think, is beautiful.I could do third

I could do third person omniscient/nonomniscient. That would be a new one for me. And again, the question is past or present tense. I like omniscient narration but I think it sometimes gives too much of the game away. You can know what the bad guy is doing and how he intends to do it, but I don’t know how I could work that in 3rd person. If there is a nonomniscient narrator, you can have a guardian angel watching over the character and telling their story as they live it. Actually, there you could have it that the actions of others are narrated in the present tense because there is nothing to say that the guardian angel is bound to only watch over their charge. If I go for third person narration, I think it’ll be Angelic Protector as my point of reference.

What about second person. Well, beyond RPGs (gamebooks included) I can’t think of a story where it was told in this fashion.

First person is the one that appeals to me most because it is the most personal. You can really feel the person’s raw emotion as they tell the story. Writing in first person present. . . I don’t know. I find that the most difficult. As for first person past, this is also the style in which I have written most. Old retired bloke telling the story of his life. I like that because it mimics that parent-child bond as the story gets written. The author is the parent, and the reader is the child. The author shares the tale of his life and allows their reader to experience their life because, let’s face it, all fantasy is real. By that, I mean that all fantasy really happened. It doesn’t matter if it happened in your head or not, it still happened, and that sounds very much like reality to me.

Well, I can’t really say that I made great progress in understanding how I should write, I have two perspectives and I think I must just work at them until experience can yield an answer. What I did find out though is that I really love fantasy. Escapism much?



9 thoughts on “Understanding: How Should I write?

  1. I’m a new writer and am shocked at how long it takes to write something. I haven’t found my voice, style, genre–anything–yet. Then I ask, “does it really matter?” Everything good comes from practice. I’ll just keep writing.


    1. The pains of writing are both a blessing and a curse. It’s that word I use far too often, pharmacon. I’m glad to see a face new to the field (not that I am that experienced either) I agree with you, I think that the voice of a writer is something that will just come out in time. My voice seems to be a moany old man xD.

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