The 1.5 Percent

A Daily Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Transformation

I saw this prompt in my inbox and like the last couple of days thought I had nothing interesting to add. No new take. No spark of genius. I still don’t. But I came across a change in myself that I found rather interesting so this is probably going to be the run-of-the-mill “Look how much I’ve grown” posts. Urgh.

I have always known that my personality was…different. It’s something that, no matter how badly I wanted to, I could not deny. My reasoning was just too dissimilar for there to be a large enough of an overlap in our personalities. I went with my gut, my observations and my reasoning skills (which at the time were less than favourable). Back in high school, I took tonnes of personality tests. I loved classification and categorisation. I didn’t believe in black and white but thought that if something fits on a scale between three things then why not mark it down as that until we can better our understanding of it. I’m still of that view. Only, then, I fell under INFP. I used intuition as my primary answer, my perceptions second, and my emotions last. I was the 4.4 percent and I was quite happy knowing that I was of a rare personality type, and it explained so much, and it helped me understand myself, and and and and and – blegh.

I still like personality types. I still think that they have something to offer. In fact, in case you haven’t guessed it by now, I took one today. I was kinda taken aback by my results. I was now the 1.5 percent – INTJ, The Architect. Interesting. Previously, I was 51 % introverted, I was technically an ambivert. Now, I am 86 % introverted. Not that I can disagree, I just found it strikingly high. Yes, I know, I am cynical of most things, especially psychology, and I consider these results needing to be taken with a pinch of salt. I find that they are so optimistic about every type of personality that it get a bit repetitive. No, I haven’t read them all. But the ones I browsed over didn’t display any harsh criticisms of any personality type. Not that I expect that they would. They are able to phrase things in such a way that it could make even the most detrimental flaw sound like a god thing. Something that me, and my personality type, are very bad at doing because we are just too gorram honest.

All in all, it’s interesting how one changes over the years. Me apparently moving from an integrated to an isolated state, and being happier about that too, is a change that I find intriguing. My lack of memory for my childhood is another aspect that I find interesting and that I hope will one day change. I normally find that I have a satisfactory conclusion to end off these posts with but I can;t seem to find the words here today. Maybe I’ll-


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