My New Game

A Daily Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Playful

I love games. I think that they are an amazing way to experience group interaction. But also, they give us a great escape from reality and real world problems. So for those of you who are on the run and looking for something to entertain yourself with, I thought I’d share my latest game with you.

I got the idea of the game from Witchy Rants but I added in one more rule for clarity.

We’re going to play a game. Do you remember those chose your own adventure books we read as kids? We’re going to do something like that. I’m going to tell a story with YOU as the main character. At the end of an event, I’m going to put some numbers. That number marks a place where YOU get to decide what happens next. I will try to mention a few options but please, feel free to come up with something original! This story has no genre so if you decide that you will jump into a spaceship and fly off or become a superhero, go for it.

The rules are simple. When you see a number, comment with that same number and what you are going to do in that situation. I will continue the story from there. If you find that none of my options work for you then just use one number higher than what I recommended. The first comment corresponding to the next number will be the one I respond to. One thing though. You can only act as the main character. You CANNOT decide what happens elsewhere in the story, just like in real life. If you try, I will ignore you and pick the next person. Alright! Here we go! – Witchy Rants

The Story of You – By Nefilibata and you

It’s never easy, putting a pet down to sleep. It was a tough decision that you had to make today but it was all for the greater good you say. No parents, no siblings or other relatives lived in your area. At the loss of dear Roxy, you finally feel the overwhelming isolation setting in. Lying in bed, all alone in your small apartment building, nothing new to look forward to and nothing exciting happening anytime soon. It’s not late, but the world has started to wind its gears down and start going to sleep. Maybe when you close your eyes to go back to sleep, it’ll all be sunshine and smiles. You shower off the day and tuck yourself into bed with a TV meal, determined to make something better of your life tomorrow.

Ten o’ clock

Twelve o’ clock

Two o’ clock.

Still unable to sleep. You look out the window and see that all except the nightclub across the road from you has shut down. Even for a quiet neighbourhood like yours, this was unusual. Changing windows to survey the west, you notice that there is but one light that still shines on in the night. At a desk in the corner of the dimly lit room is a middle-aged man, sipping slowly at his coffee. Alternating between frantic typing at his laptop PC and disappointed stares at what he collects from the printer just left of the machine.

1a) You can go to sleep and wait the night out. Trying to make use of whatever yu have in your home to do something.
1b) You could disturb the guy in the room across the road.
1c) Nah, I’m more of a nightcrawler kind of person. I wanna roam the streets looking for trouble. Haven’t decided if I want to make some or prevent some yet.

Feel free to spread the word and use this story seed or one of your own creation with your friends.




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