The Lost Archives

A Daily response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Childhood

Not a very interesting post for the world outside my head, so apologies on that. Most of my childhood memories have eluded me. I cannot remember them. I don’t know if I am okay with this either. Nor can I say with complete honesty that they were just ‘forgotten’ rather than ‘deleted’. I figured that in response to this prompt, I would document the memories of my childhood as they come to me. So,  hope, that this post will grow exponentially despite its small starting point.

Note, I am only counting my childhood memories as pre-teen memories. Although I would say that I am still very much a child. Just, one that is at university and in need of gainful employ.

  1. The clock on the wall – I have a very distinct memory of lying on my parents’ bed and staring out at a clock, watching it tick.
  2. Monkey Attack on Bernice – While we were camping one weekend at some place near the beach, some monkeys jumped out and attacked my mother’s friend. As I have no idea of where I stood in relation to this event, I would call this more of a given memory than a true memory. By given I mean that it is someone else’s memory that has been told to me.
  3. Centipede in the garden – This is one of the clearest memories in my mind. I was sitting in a sandbox at the bottom of the garden. There was something crawling around so I moved my chubby hand towards it. I played with this thing on my blubbery arm and then proceeded to eat the centipede. Yeah. It was not a bright moment for me.
  4. The tree – Although I remember nothing else about it, I know that there used to be a large tree in my garden.
  5. Learning to ride a bike – I was in the parking lot of Varsity College and Spur with my dad and (I think) somebody else. I can remember the fear of falling off of my bicycle as I plummeted to the ground time and time again.
  6. Fishing with Erin de Farve- I was at Midmar Dam with my good friend. We went fishing and I caught seaweed. I have no memory of whether he (yes, he) caught anything at all.
  7. Cards with Erin- I can remember playing Yugioh with that same friend, as well as playing hockey and swimming with him and his sister. They were good people, I miss them.
  8. Toys with Brogue- Another Yugioh friend. As well as transformers and bionicles, all in his house on those creaky wooden floors.
  9. Although I cannot tell you what game it was – I can remember sneaking into the study with Brogue. We watched each other play single player games, there was no online mode or LAN available to us in those days.
  10. HOMM with Fuzzy Wuzzy – Heroes of Might and Magic has provided me with many hours of escape from reality. I can recall sitting at the downstairs computer with my good friend Fuzzy Wuzzy and playing Heroes on hot seat mode.
  11. Scalextric – One of my later childhood memories, I built a Scalextric track that wound around half of the downstairs lounge.
  12. Memory 12 we do not speak of
  13. Well, it involves a girl – A very special girl. Again, I don’t speak of it. But she was most dear to me and I did not know how to show her how I felt. I ended up acting in obscene ways and doing things that I still regret to this very day.
  14. Hand Tennis – I was playing hand tennis in the play area of my primary school during break. The ball came to me, we had a nice rally going and I didn’t want to mess that up for the group. Maybe my shot was too soft or maybe the school bully really didn’t like me (he didn’t) but slammed the ball down and it bounced right back into my face. I squealed in pain, as one would expect after being tennis ball-ed in the eye.
  15. This is another one that we don’t speak of. But let’s just say that my teachers and school ‘mates’ were able to scare my bladder into a state of nonfunction.
  16. I can remember the first time I made scrambled eggs. I put it all in the pan but didn’t realise that you had to stir it all together. I left it on the heat and came back after my show and then tried to eat black egg.

Honestly, 16 is about quadruple the number of memories I thought I had. Any additions to the list will be below this line so that they are marked as later renditions.

UPDATE: These memories are ones that I have been graced with after my writing of this post.

17. Hingham Scone – quite simply, after visiting thepace I could recall eating tea and scones at the upper section of the cafe at the Higham Nursery.


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