Double Whammy

Dream Journal 31-05-16

There was a smidgen of a dream here but as soon as I realised my exam was in two hours time and I was still in bed, all memory of it was lost.

Dream Journal 01-06-16

The new month has arrived, and in my first night dreaming I died, twice.

In the first dream, Sera was waiting for me. She said that there was something she needed to tell me. My parents were having a spot of tea in the garden so I slipped out to see what she wanted. Her cottage was dark so I knocked on the door. I heard a crash. Something just broke, should I go in and investigate? I checked the door, unlocked. As I turned the corner I heard a soft ‘hello’ and was greeted with the sweet kiss of a cold steel blade slicing through my neck.

In dream two, the setting was much the same, only the participants were different. my friend, Diana, and I had set up a mini open-air theatre and we were enjoying a good cup of tea from the more exotic varieties. At the end Of Dead Poet’s Society she turns to me and asks if I wished for more of life’s brew. Always in the mood for tea, I eagerly accepted. A few minutes later, she returns with a cup tea so hot it could melt your face off. And that is exactlyl what it did when she threw the entre contents of the up onto me.

This could very well be the reason I have issues trusting certain people..


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