Cerebral Thievery

Dream Journal 30-05-16

Last night’s dream was intriguing. It contained material that I had never been able to dream of without it manifesting as reality. 

I  awoke to the silence of the land around me but the incessant buzz that was in  my mind refused to leave no matter what I did. I tossed and I turned in my bed. I could feel my head was nearly at its limit. I had to get out of this place. I had to move. I had to outrun the demons that plagued my mind. I threw off my thick duvet raced downstairs. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t tell  up from down. It didn’t matter that I felt I was going to projectile vomit up all of my insides.I had to get out. I had to move. I had to run.

I probably bumped into every possible thing I could on my way downstairs, not that I could do anything about that a the time. I no lnger held conscious control of my body. When I made it downstairs the buzzing had grown 9 times louder. It encompassed all of my thoughts in its entirety. I knew it was futile to try outrun that which lay in my mind but running is the only thing I can do. I charged into the kitchen and that was when I just could not take it anymore. I slammed my head into the cupboard door and slinked down into the ground. Ther was no more hope for me. If someone had seen me, then I had to hope that they could get me out of this. I lay there, helpless, my body stiff and jerking violently while my mind was overcome by this deleterious buzz.

The attack had consmed me and wnow it was in control. Although I was unable to physically do anything, I was left with a small portion of my brain. A prison in which I was capabe of clear thought. But it was a prison for all my other selves too and they all raged on at me while I lay motionless in the dank, dirty corners of my mind. I could hear the voice of my father, my saviour, yet I was not able to do anything about acknowledging it. All I could do was wait, I could not fight without capsules as weapons, I could not outrun it because it was inside mealready. All I could do as wait. Wait and pray that it would just get bored of using me as its plaything. Pain and anxiety had stolen my mind yet again.


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